Eoin Dolan is a songwriter and producer from Galway, a seaside town on the west coast of Ireland. His music combines sublime and sometimes heartbreaking melody with lush instrumentation and a classic songwriting finesse to create a vintage psychedelic pop sound.

Eoin has self-released eight records and produced work for Field Trip, New Pope and Me Auld Flower.

His latest release, The Most Important Thing Is Peace Within Yourself, is out now on Rón Records.


"Airy voice and effortless melodies form a fine transatlantic conductor for West Coast pop warmth."
MOJO Magazine
"Beautiful simplicity."
Gary Crowley
BBC Radio London
"Makes eerily majestic psych-pop imbued with incredible individuality, matching Syd Barrett's cracked style against Brian Wilson's pristine pop."
Robin Murray
Clash Magazine
"On his third full-length LP, Commander of Sapiens, Galway musician Eoin Dolan underscores his status as one of the country’s finest songwriters."
Brian Coney
The Thin Air
"Gives you that feeling of losing and finding yourself all at once."
Kevin Worrall
"A confident breeze with a dark underbelly."
Eoghan O Sullivan
The Point of Everything
"A Galway musician who channels the Beach Boys’ sunny warmth like no other in the country."
Niall Byrne
"Brimming with yearning lyrical finesse and a panoply of alt-pop twists and turns."
Brian Coney
Drowned In Sound
"Dolan [has a] knack for crafting sci-fi-tinged surf pop, marrying heartbreaking melodies and gentle instrumentation, sadness with beauty and interstellar psych-pop exploration with the imagery and atmosphere of a vintage seaside town."
Barry Gruff